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Denice has played the violin for 40 years and has taught for 27. Her Suzuki program has been revered as one of the best,as she demonstrated great success in the Denver area for 22 years. Predominantly students studied with Denice until graduating high school,often 12 years! Her nurturing spirit encouraged many students to make music a life long endeavor. Her program is authentic Suzuki with the added bonus of fiddling as a supplement. Denice has developed a parallel learning curriculum that links Suzuki teaching points with Texas Style - Contest Fiddling to insure consistent methodology. Her program focuses on technique,and for young learners, is parent involved. Along with weekly private lessons, Suzuki students participate in regular periodic group classes to build performance and cooperative musical skills. Denice has developed a teaching method for fiddling that is geared toward Suzuki students and their teachers. The method book is in the works to be published through Mel Bay soon!

Along with her early education as a Suzuki student and eventual teacher training of the method,she has competed in and organized fiddle contests for 22 years. Denice has served as judge to many prominent fiddle competitions including the Nationals and recently the Oregon State Championships.

She was founder and president of the Colorado Old Time Fiddlers' Association for the past 10 years which established her presence as an exceptional leader and facilitator of fiddling in Colorado. She was responsible for establishing and maintaining the Colorado Fiddle Championships at the National Western Stockshow which is known through out the contest fiddle world as one of the top contests in the Nation. Www.coloradofiddlers.org

Her dedication to both Suzuki and Fiddling have labeled her a pioneer in connecting the two worlds. Her students have performed all over Colorado in many high profile venue's and media situations. Her fiddle group “Fiddlocity” was featured numerous times in major news papers in Denver including the front page of the Rocky Mountain News and countless TV news features throughout the Denver Metro area. As regular performers at the National Fiddle Championships in Weiser Idaho the group served to inspire 100's of young musicians and was labeled “The Suzuki Machine” due to there exceptional synchronicity. Denice plans to assemble a similar group in the Portland area - “Fiddlocity II” is sure to be as successful. After auditioning for the Rockies baseball team her Suzuki group (Denver Suzuki Strings) was invited to perform the National Anthem for thousands of fans. Www.denversuzukistrings.com Students who prefer to stick with Suzuki also experience performance opportunities, as Denice has always organized Suzuki group demonstrations and play out's on a regular basis.

Comfortable and experienced with starting students as early as age 3,Denice has also had great success with all ages including beginner – advanced adult students. Lessons can be tailored to the students interests. Learning by ear at first is an exceptional way to develop intonation and memorization skills so Denice encourages this mode for beginner's. Note reading is introduced once technique is solid. Recordings are provided to assist in home practice. Denice believes in utilizing technology and all it's resources to it's fullest extent insuring productive practice “ Knowing how and what to practice is the key to growth and progress!” Denice has also completed training for Music Together and is interested in providing an introduction to music experience for 3-5 year old's through a pre-music lesson class called “Music By Heart”. Please contact Denice if you are interested in this class.

Denice grew up in Pendleton, Ore. and is excited to return to the Northwest to continue her teaching career! Lessons are organized and structured to insure absolute understanding and communication.

Denice has the ability to play ANYTHING she hears and passes this skill on to her students. Her passion and dedication are evident as you will realize once you enter her studio.

Now accepting students for her schedule starting June 2011.